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Find Best Heat Shrinkable Tube Manufacturer in China

EGS Group HONT Plastic Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is one of the leading Heat Shrink Tubing Manufacturers in China , which is strongly supported by our government as the high and new technology enterprise,

Product Details

1.Environmental friendly

Heat shrinkable sleeves of EGS use the irradiated energentica electron beam from the electron accelcrator, to make the molecular structure of the materials transfer from linear to three-dimensional net, which will enhance all the performance index of the products.

These sleeves are made of environmentally friendly material, which is nontoxic, refined, soft with good elasticity, anti-flaming, excellent insulation.

They shrink fast, which only cost them several seconds, and the shrinking temperature is low.

2.Using requirements

The working temperature allows from -55℃ to 125℃. They are available to be long time used in acid and base circumstance.

3.Performance of heat shrinking

The bigginning shrinking temperature is 70℃, while the entire shrinking temperature is 125℃.


They have the advantages of environmental friendly, insulayion, safe, stable, low shrinkable temperature, soft, anti- burning, Excellent fast-shrinking function, stable property and so on.


Heat Shrinkable Tubings are widly used in the insulation protection of cables, resistances, capacitors, the insulation of cable joints, processing wires, the welding spots protection, the skins of electron components, the dealing of antirust, antiseptic, the marking the different wires and so on.

Who We Are?

EGS HONT Plastic Manufacturing Co.,Ltd,one of the heat shrinkable sleeves manufacturers, has been manufacturing and selling heat shrinkable tubings for over twelve years. The products from our company are exported to France, Germany, Australia, Japan and other countries and regions for our top quality and reliable credit.

These high level tubes are made through several departments of our companies, Researching and Developping, First-line Workshop, and Quality Testing Center.

Based on these departments’ union, each product of EGS owns the supreme quality guarantee. Meanwhile, the raw material of heat shrinking tube is imported from foreign counties which are famous for these material exporting. These shrinking tubes are widely applied in the electrical and electric industries.

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