Clever 3 Other Applicatios and Uses for heat shrink tubing

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Clever 3 Other Applicatios and Uses for heat shrink tubing

As we all know that duct tape owns a good reputation of fixing everything customers require. While, we should not ignore the clever uses for heat shrink tubing which is also such veratile. Actually, it is more reliable and elegant than the haphazard wrappings. Maybe, some of you will ask, what is the very heat shrink tubing?

It is a tubing which is thin-walled, applied to play the functionality of insulation for the wiring bubbles in the aircraft, automobiles,electric appliances and so on. The special design of heat shrink tubing is the rapid shrinking and resistance to moisture, debris and kinds of harsh chemicals.  It is made by different kinds of polymer materials which hold the protection of the tubing strongly out of the damages from the circumstance. 

Based on the perfect performance, this wonderful product is really useful in our various situations. Moreover, the installation of heat shrink tubing is simple and easy. Here are several instances of shrink tubing application.

1. Glasses is broken.

For glasses-wearers, the most unlucky thing in the world is holding the two separate spectacle each in one hand. Don’t be so frustrated. At the breaking point, use the heat shrink tubing to repair it. Make sure that the color of the tubing should match the frame color of your glasses.

2. Organize  the cables of headphone.

Usually, we are so headache for the tangled headphone cables. When we are doing something to stress on these cables, it appears that may make the lifespan of the cables shorter. The perfect solution here is to use the heat shrink. Get a tubing that the length is equal to your headphone cables, in order to fold them to transport. 3 inch may be better to work. Next secure the jact by the heatshrink on the point.

3. There are too many keys.

It takes us too much time and long fumbling to find the right key when we are in the dark. Sometimes, the very key may go to the back of the shed. A little of heat shrink is the best saver for us now. Mark the key with different colors  on the top of them. Then order heat shrink tubing with some custom print, to make sure where every key is on the ring. 

Heat shrink tubing adds some convenience for our daily life. Maybe, it is foreign at first to use the shrink tubing, but once you apply it appropriately, you will find the fix is so needed and convenient. Find a torch or some heat gun, they will provide you control and precision to install. Any questions about the heat shrink tubings, you are welcomed to contact us.

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