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EGS Group Zhejiang HONT Plastic Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is one leading professional Cable Tie Manufacturer in the whole world.

As the leader of the solutions to the engineering joining technology in the world, EGS Group has owned more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and designing.

Since the foundation of the company, the company has been applying the strategies of high start, high quality, and high level. And under the complete and scientific quality management system, the company imports advanced equipment to stay the top in the fiercely competing market.

Moreover, the company fully uses rich experience in manufacturing, it has the most complete specifications and steady quality. We are pursuing the business idea that customers stay first, and supplying the high-level service of producing, processing and selling. We keep complete the market operating system, adhering to the concept of “Quality Leads to Survive, Credit Creates Development, Management Brings Profits”. The company gets its market through superior products. It aims to serve the market, serve the customers with its best products, creating a more satisfying market environment!

Thanks to the focusing on the product quality and technology, EGS Group has won the trust of over 10,000 customers from more than 100 countries.

Brief Introduction

In recent years, the downstream electrical appliances, household electrical appliances, automobile manufacturing, telecommunication equipment, building materials, and some other industries have got sustainable development. And the nylon cable ties have obvious superior performance and advantages, compared with other bundling products. So the global demands for the nylon cable ties keep increasing. The total market scale appears the trend of expanding.


They are using the material of Nylon 66, which is UL approved. The fireproof level is 94 V-2. And they can be used in the temperature from -35 °C to 85 ° C.


Nylon zip ties are features for fast bundling, good insulation, firm self-locking, convenient using, difficult to go aging, resisting to the heat, strong tensile strength and difficult to break.

  • Thickened Lock Design

Each piece of cable tie uses the thickened lock, which adding more occlusal force. It is secure and firm of the thickened lock.

  • Clear Tooth Incision

The product has a clear tooth incision. And it is difficult to get released and sliding.

  • New Material of Nylon

It uses the new material of nylon which has passed the UL certificate. Each piece cable strap gets so elegant and nice in the appearance, after through the molding and injection. It is safe and nontoxic.

  • Strong Tolerance

It does well in the tenacity, and strong tolerance makes it popular in the industry.

  • Aging Resisting

The product is aging proof. It has a long service life.

How to Choose Your Suitable Cable Ties?

As we all know, nylon cable tie is very useful in both the industry and our daily lives. It can start from the transportation industry to the MP3 lines. Some customers may hold the point that zip tie is just a kind of a tie. However, if you are working ourdoors or under the extreme strict environment, you have to consider many factors when you are choosing it. There are mainly four factors you need to consider when choosing. They are the design of the product, the length, the working environment, and the tensile strength it needs.

1. The Design of the Product

There are many kinds of types. And each type has its own different application.

Self-locking zip tie is the most basic using type. It can be used many different fields, such as in the cable management, strain relief and wirings in the solar energy, table management, video lines management, and even the temporary kid lock for the cabinets.

Releasable cable ties and beaded-type zip tie could be used for many times. They can be released when you are going to open zip ties. They are convenient and environmentally friendly.

Marker tie has a small tag in the head of the product. The blank tag is used for the users to write down some information with the oil pens.

Double locking tie can make two things bundled together, and the two are in the state of separate at the same time.

So it is crucial to buy the tie according to your own needs.

2. The Length of the Product

The length differs in the specifications. You can imagine that you have one cable whoes diameter is 4, but you only have the tie whose bundling diameter is 1. So this tie is useless for the cable. What you need is the bundling diameter match to the diameter of the wires or cables. So you need to know the diameter for the bundling. If the tie is too long, you can cut the spare part. However, at the point of economics, using a suitable length will bring the biggest values to the customers.

3. Working Environment

Before the purchase, you need to consider many environment factors. Are you going to apply the product outdoors? Will the product be exposed in the sun directly? Will they work in chemical factories or some dangerous working environment? Are there something flammable or extreme heat?

If the working cirmstance is the chemical plants, zip ties may get to some chemicals and some sour materials. You must answer these questions before the buying.

The standard zip tie is made of Nylon 66. And Nylon 66 has 12 carbon atoms. So it is named of Nylon 66. Just as what we talked above, these cable ties may have different uses. But there are so many types on the market, it is necessary to choose the right one.

If your working environment is extreme weather or very hot, you can use the materials of weather resisting and heat-resisting function. Weather resisting Nylon 66 does well in the UV proof, and the addicted service life is 7 to 9 years. The standard service life for the product is 1-2 years. And the heat resisting Nylon 66 can work in the temperature from -76°F – 239°F , which is 54 degrees higher than the standard.

4. Tensile Strength

You need to make sure the tensile strength, after knowing which kind of circumstance the working environment is. The way to know the tensile strength is to test it.

The measuring units for the tensile strength are N or LBS. Basically, the tensile strength means the breaking strength for the cable tie. The higher the tensile strength is, the firmer the bundling will be.

HONT offers ties with the strength from 18LBS to 250LBS. Unless the force comes to tensile strength, can the product break.

Tensile strength is one of the most important reasons when purchasing zip ties in China.

EGS HONT: Your Trusted Cable Tie Supplier

HONT is one enterprise engaged in designing, producing and delivering nylon zip ties in the world. The products of the company are highly remarked by the cusomers and users from all over the world.

HONT is a cable tie manufacturer that will help you in getting the right type of Cable Management Products.The company has a skillful technician team, complete management system, advanced processing facilities, modern testing equipment.

It keeps satisfying various demands and requests from the users and customers by enhancing its own products and service. EGS HONT will be your best partner!