Tile Spacers Make Your Home More Beautiful

Tile spacers is used to make the distance of tiles uniform, which looks more tidy and beautiful. 

Good laying tiles demands good skills of leaving gaps. Some so-called seamless tiles, is just resorting to trickery. Setting some distance for each  two tiles, is not only to create uniform gaps, but also to solve the problem of thermal expansion and contraction.  Perhaps, we have heard of seamless steel tubes, whose expansion way is 360 degrees  outward with the whole tube, resulting no cracks. But for the seamless tiles, it is completely not possible to settle the thermal expansion from the point of physics, because most of tiles are installed in relatively closed space. For example, tiles on walls, have no space to expanse for the surroundings are fixed walls and floors. Obviously, seamless tiles are hard to accomplish the zero thermal expansion. So what is the result of leaving no gaps of tiles? The only choice for tiles is to intumesce.  

EGS is one of the professional Tile Spacer Manufacturers in China for more than 10 years. If you would like to know more about our Tile Spacer, please feel free to contact us! 

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