Special Usage of Cable Tie

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Actually, you may not image how versatile cable tie is. Now it is the chance for you to have a new recognition of cable ties. They are so widely used that we even can come across them everywhere every several hours. That is cable ties, super cable ties!

The photo here is taken by our old friend, who has been in the long- term business relationship with EGS. It is his daughter. Could you find some familiar stuff in the picture? Yes, you got it. It is the cable tie which is used to bundle this little girl's hair. I do appreciate this friend's imagination to expand the application of cable ties.

Do you have another great usage for our ties? When the big festival comes, you can meet cable ties in the promoting signs and some big events. They play an indispensable role in the fireworks show. People use them to secure fuses in the fireworks before the blastoff of the display.

Our dear friends, cable ties are so excellent in our daily life or working office. It is welcomed for you to contact us for any questions!