Some suggestions for tile spacers use
Tile Spacers offer the laying of tiles a consistent and symmetrical job. They make sure that the tiles are all laid in the equal and same distance, to finish a professional tile installation.

It is the play of personal preference when doing the selecting spacer size. Remember that spacers have the right to decide the grout line width, which is one of the most essential features in the whole designing.Don't forget to discuss with your client about the width of the grout before the doing the tile laying, if you are a contractor.

Tile Spacers Use

Usually, for the ceramic wall tiling, the rule is to choose 2-3mm sapcers. While for the ceramic floor, it is better to use 5mm spacers. Still, many factors can become the reasons that affect the spacer size. And marble, granite and porcelain tiles are considered to use spacers of 3mm. 

Here is some other tips for the spacer size:

Unusal contours- the curvature of the toilet base, basin pedestal and shower base will influence the design.

Strange-shaped rooms- the way to solve the different shapes of rooms is to make larger grout space laying to get the impact reduced.

Cut tiles- use wider tile spacers to save much money and time.

Straight lines- keep in mind to use laser level or chalk line to keep the line straight to achieve the perfect finish.

Joints of tile panel movement- The width of these jonts should be  at least 5mm, extending across the adhesive layers and tiles. Make movement joints around the floors, in vertical and horizontal corners, at 5m centers for wide tiling areas, and 3m for outside applications. Each joint must be made at near centers. In order to match panel joints, it is needed to find out the joints and make them ungrouted. Then fill joint sealant, such as TAL brand.

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