Professional Applications for Electric Tape

Electric tape is used for insulation, preventing us from electrocution. It is also named sticky tape and insulating tape, electric tape and so on. Electic tape is made of a kind of fiberglass cloth Class H, which caters to the heavy applications. The common color of electric tape is black, and any other colors are also available, which are usually used as a label for the different wires' phase. It is widely used in different kinds of places for insulation, bundling and securing the goods or cables, the repairing the wires and cable bundles as well.

One factor that needs to be noted may be the misconceived, if popular, utilization of electric tape to correct cord jackets. Although it creates a highly effective temporary fix, many, together with a reputed authority like OHSA, frown upon the practice. Despite its superior insulation, electric tape cannot match the controlled strength which goes in to the engineering of the jacket cord’s surface. The initial covering of the jacket cord has abrasive resistant qualities that can't be matched up by electric tape. Whenever your cord jacket has fallen below its standard, the very best move would be to throw that device out and change it as quickly as possible.

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