Processes of Producing Cable Ties

Do you know the whole processes of producing nylon cable ties. Although we are familiar with them, but it is also very helpful for us to get the knowledge of making cable ties.In this article,we,as a professional cable tie manufacturer,will try to tell you about this.

1. The Selection of Materials

Usually our nylon cable ties are made of Nylon-66, which is anti-burning, wear resisting, tensile strength, and good insulation.

2. Molding the material into semi-finished nylon cable ties

To produce good nylon cable ties we need to make molds, which decides the quality of nylon cable ties. Besides, the course of injection molds also counts the quality. If the temperature of injection molds are higher, the attribute of cable ties will get changed. If the mold is thinner, it cannot reach to the standard of tensile strength, though it saves much cost.

3. Change the rigidity of the ties

As we all know, Nylon-66 is kind of solid. After the procedure of injection, it will turn back to be very hard after shaping up, which is easy to snap. So we need the professional boiling equipment to stew nylon cable ties to make them soft. Of course, the professional boiling procedure will not infect the attribute of the product. On the contrary, it adds the tenacity of cable ties, anti-snapping.