Methods for Applying the Heat Shrink Tube
Heat Shrink Tubes are easy applying and safe solution for us in the wiring systems. But the key problem is how to apply the Heat Shrink Tube?

First, choose a good heat gun. Attention, not all the gun fit all the applications.Then the protection devices are recommended, such as the gloves, breathing devices, and eye protections to keep us from the inhaling fumes. Next step is to check if the working environment is ventilated and everything is in order, for even a small stuff might lead the hazards.

The tubing's ratio needs to create a nice fit. Because these items are available in a variety of diameters, choose one big enough to suit easily within the area that also offers to snugly cover the region after shrinkage.

Cut the preferred period of tubing, bearing in mind it reduces lengthwise. Be careful, permitting not less than one fourth overlap for if you are including fittings or insulation. Slide the tubes in position. When splicing cables or wires, make the tubing center between your splice, making certain same overlap of the two ends. 

Before using the heat, be aware of the suggested heating temperature range, for wrong heat amount will  lead to  insulation failure, uneven shrinkage and more. And remember not to use open flames. 

Make use of the heat gun to contract one side from the tubing and progressively work lower to another. Apply the temperature continuously, rotating the item, ensuring diminishing is even and you will find no air bubbles.  The easiest method to sidestep to prevent the lingering.

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