How to use Tile Spacers

Tile spacers do a good job in departing tiles from one each other with equal gap when laying tiles on the walls, washing rooms,floors and so on.Tile spacers make the grout lines straight after the adhesive.Here are some reliable tips about how to use the tile spacers. 

First, it is necessary to get some ideas of the style and pattern. Get a stick to check how to place the tiles. And find out the unusual shape of tiles,especially the sink or the corner of the shower.

Second, follow the instruction to spread the adhesive. Put the tile with the surface of glue side, then slid it to the place. 

Third, put the spacers on each side of the tile, in order to make the tile straight. And the spacers can be adjusted to either one fourth inch or three eighth inch.If some tile has the spacer built in the tiles, you will need the extras, making a wider grout line. 

Fourth, use the spacer for every tile and then move to the next tile. Remember to check weather each tile has got the equal gap of spacing. Last but not the least important is only do the tiles are fully adhered, can we remove the spacers.

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