How much do you know about Nylon Cable Gland?

There are three kinds of nylon cable glands, one is standard thread cable gland, the other two are short thread cable gland and long thread cable gland. The standard one is available for the inner thread machine and the thin type equipment. While the short one is for thin board, the long one is for the thick. 

As an important part of the cable system, nylon cable gland lock the cables, and fix the other end on the body. Different thread will match different nylon cable glands. The nylon cable glands have different temperature limits in different conditions. It is -40 degrees to 100 degrees in the static state. And when it is in dynamic condition, the minmum limit temperature is -20 degrees, the maximum limit temperature is 800 degrees. 

The nylon cable glands are very popular not only for the special design of claws and the sealings, which make the installation more convenient and simpler, but also the wide clamping range for the cables, great tensile strength, waterproof, good resistance to dust, salt, acid, base, and oil. EGS, one of the experienced nylon cable gland manufacturers, is attracting more and more customers from all around the world by her high-level quality, advanced equipments, excellent innovation teams, good service after selling. Hope we can start a long term relationship in the future.

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