Free Your Drain with Cable Ties
What can cable ties do? Is it surprised for you to find that our versatile cable tie can unclog the drain? Right, it's the cable tie from EGS do this inconceivable job!
Is it really a chore for us to find the murky water pushing into our sink? It's truly awful especially when we are washing our hands with soap.
Now do it with the little superman, cable ties, unclog the drain!
First, get the cable ties, the longer the better. Then, cut it two sides diagonal to grapple the clogged culprits. Second bend the tie to make a barb, which is the key part of the whole job. Following is to stretch down the barbed tie as far as you can into the drain, catching the culprits. Well, it is quite effective to grab hairs, grease and so on from the drain. Now the water is free from the drain to the sink!

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