EGS New Strategy-Precision Marketing Lead in All-round Promotion
After more than thirty years' fast development, Yueqing Electric Industry has been facing the new normal, booming labor cost, gliding real estate, trading up consuming,  speeding smart grid. Now, it is time for traditional electric industry to make the transition and upgrading, changing concepts, and enhancing product competitiveness.


In contrast to some electric companies deviate from the core theme to develop real estate, and their retail sales goes to decline, EGS sales performance increase rather than decrease, with the September to December year-on-year growth of more than twenty percent. " This year we are aiming up to  thirty percent of year- on -year sales " ,said our CEO, Mr. Zhang, who is very confident. Municipal Party Secretary Lin Xiaofeng visited EGS on May 22nd, and spoke highly of our company for the active adjustment and innovative development. Besides, he encouraged EGS to make more technologic innovation,brand cultivation and market expansion, to move forward to create a larger, stronger and better EGS.  



Changing the Marketing Model

Same as most electric companies founded in 1990s, the main marketing model of EGS is retailing sales.  " With the depression of the real estate, electric industry is also influenced by the impact.  Thanks for the cooperation with power system, we still had steady amount of orders," said Mr. Zhang.

At first the district has the purchasing right for power system, but gradually, the district power systems were readjust to affiliate to province systems." In the second half of 2013, Mr. Zhang felt it was harder to go on.


EGS started a all-dimensional promotion and revolution,  workshop transformation, facility update, business training, talent-structure adjustment, scientific innovation, and product research.

Now EGS Group has had more than ten affiliated specialized corporations and more than 50 professional cooperation factories currently.The Current product line includes Cable Ties, Cable Gland, Cable Clips, Heat Shrink Tubing and other more than 20 product lines.



Increase the Competitiveness via Innovation

An another change for EGS to adapt the new normal is increasing the input of research and development, keeping designing new products.

Only keeping innovating, can an enterprise develop and make the best profits. " Mr. Zhang thinks, the innovating not only means the improvements of technology and facilities, but also the management systems. He gets the clear realization that the revolution for managing system is very important for an enterprise which develops from a family workshop to a Group with near 150 employees.  In recent years, EGS has draw up a complete set of regulations, practised 6S basic standardization and explicit rewards and punishment systems.

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