Color Coding With Heat Shrink Tubing

In the complicated wiring system, it is very necessary to do the identifying jobs. Your sincere friend EGS can provide the perfect solution for you, that is heat shrink tubing with different colors as coding. It plays big function in the applications, such as easy identifying jobs, connecting the system, being the sealants, offering the best protection for the wires and cable bundles. 

With the different colors of heat shrink tubing, your computer case turn to be different, your bicycle became cooler, and your car get a new look. However the most important thing is that the application of heat shrink tubing with color codings is so easy and safe. 

Don't forget that the color coding with heat shrink tubing is still the heat shrink tubing which can provide the strong protection for the wires and cable system out of dusts, water, hazards and so on.

Heat Shrink Tubing