Cable Ties and Curtain Rods
Cable ties are actually as the saying that they are versatile in every walks of life. Our daily life cannot lack this important tool to fasten the cable and wire bundles when we are doing some constructions. These ties are arranged in the tool box for some emergency needs.

Here are some knowledge about these cable ties, such as the main uses, strengths and so on. Some people will use cable ties for jewelry, clothing and decoration. Someone will make cable ties used in the garage sales, shoes, keeping items and etc to get these things easy and effective.

In winter, cable ties are quite favored for they could securely ensure the bundling of garden hoses, peg board and camping gears.

We have found other functions of cable ties such as securing the shower curtains to rod. It is very common to see the cable ties fastening the shower curtain rods in many swimming pools. In such manner, it makes the curtains more secure when bundled to the rods. Besides, this reduces the stealing chances of curtains in public places. Moreover, cable ties china saves users much money for the cost of curtain holders is very high, at least 9 dollars each box.

If your home have some little kids, cable tie is the first safe choice for shower curtains. Because most holders of curtain are not close enough around rods, which leaves dangerous circumstances for children when they are enjoyin the bathing. The holders may fall off from the rods and hurt the kids. Thanks for cable ties, there is no need for parents to check whether the curtain holders are safe before bathing.